Richard Kallos

What I'm Doing Now

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Updated July 10th, 2024.

Working at MarketOps

I am writing Elixir and Erlang for MarketOps, an ad-tech company.

Singing with Lyric

I am a very happy member of The Lyric Theatre Singers. I’m very proud of our June 2024 concerts. If you’re in or around Montreal, and you enjoy musical theatre, please check us out!


After training for and running my first half marathon in September 2023, I discovered that I really enjoy running. Now that the snow has melted, I’m thrilled to be going out and running outside. Most of my runs these days are with the goal to keep my heart rate low, so I run rather slowly. I expect I’ll start to get faster as the season progresses, though.


In December 2023, I started crocheting. I hope to have some photos uploaded here of some of my work soon.